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Always striving to exceed

our customers EXPECTATIONS

Paint my bike was started because of our passion for cycling and demands from our fellow riders! Because of this and our top quality work Paint my Bike has become Australia’s premier bicycle repairer.

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Want to upgrade your frame

to the current model

This one the only difference between year models was the graphics, he wanted the new look we provided it.

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Katy Perry loved her one off

custom bicycle from

No matter who your customer is Paint my Bike can paint to your design or come up with something truly unique, truly first class. Try our design service and see how it will look before it is painted.

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You don’t have to be Pro

to want the PRO LOOK

Although plenty of Pro’s come to us for their or their sponsors custom look, we can even put your business logo or full business art onto your frame layout

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When it just has to match

we can make your
Design FLY

Pretty much any artwork can be achieved

Welcome to Paint My Bike’s website. We are always looking for ways to make it easier to do business with us, and we believe that the enhancements to our website will be much better for our customers. Most significantly is the adaptation of our website to your smart phone – now you can just snap a picture of your bike from your smart phone and send it directly to us for a quote.  We have now included on our home page our very popular Paint & Design YouTube video.  A big thank you to Bicycling Australia for their help with this.  Check it out see what you think, there is also a Workshop Tour one below and a Carbon Repair walk through on our carbon page

At Paint My Bike we specialise in repairing your high end pride and joy. You can either send your bike directly to us or we can arrange to have it picked up from pretty much any bike shop or business address in Australia. Please check our links page for bike shops around the country that are happy to help you with this.  Please also note, shipping is not included in your quote unless specified.  If you are local in Brisbane, feel free to drop it in yourself and check us out.

Please have a look at our quote request page. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get a quote from us, whether it is for a repaint or a repair.  Of course we cannot always accurately quote for carbon damage from just a picture, so once your bike arrives we shall check it out for additional damage and let you know if we find anything further.
When you are ready to send us your frame please print off the order form on the quote request page, have a read of the terms and conditions, fill it out and send it to us with your bike.
Please remember our quotes do not include disassembly or reassembly and it is highly recommended that you use your local bike shop to remove all the parts and send us just the bare frame. We can sort it for you at an extra cost using our local mechanic if needed, however experience tells us that just sending the frame is better – the opportunity for small parts to go missing in transit is very realistic!

Check out the pictures of our workshop at the bottom of this page. We pride ourselves in our ability to perform work of exceptional quality and have fitted out our workshop accordingly. I think you will agree, it is about the best equipped carbon bicycle frame repair/paint shop around.
We invest and innovate to ensure the best possible outcome for your frame.  Ask your repairer to show you their workshop and equipment.  We are more than happy to give you a tour of ours.
Also have a look at our on-line store, we have a few unusual items in there for frame repair and paint protection, even the odd frame.
Once we have repaired your bike we would love for you to send us some pics and we shall put them up in our owner’s gallery.  If you want to see our latest work, keep an eye on our Facebook page as we update that often, please use the link at the bottom of this page – and don’t forget to like us!!

Check out our workshop

Finished Area

The pick-up zone, all these bike are finished ready to be returned to their owners. We often have people drooling over other peoples creations here, even picking up ideas for their own machines

Spray Booths

You can see here we have spent the money to ensure you have a top quality finish. Without this type of spray booth/baking combo we cannot get the great finishes or use the magic ceramic clear coat, as it cannot be applied without a full bake cycle. Do not worry about your precious frame being overheated in here, it does not go over 65 degrees C. Less than we bake carbon at.

Paint Prep Bay

This is our paint prep bay. This is where we do the prep work and the detail work like multi-colour stripes, decals and airbrushing. Matt and Damian are 2 of guys who do this fantastic work and they are in the picture, Ralf and Wade also do the creating but they didn’t make the picture, too shy??

Combination Spray Booth Baking Oven

This is our combination spray booth baking oven from the inside. Note it is clean - always be suspicious of a spray booth that is a mess, that usually means they have no pride in their work, although I guess a messy booth is better than no booth! Ralph is the official “jelly coater” as the guys call it, he loves to put down the ceramic clear in here. Check out our purpose built frame mounts, we clear coat them here 6 at a time.

Carbon Repair Booth

This is our carbon repair room, this is where all the sanding, grinding and sorting out of the damage is done. This is the scary zone where people say OMG how are you getting that back together!

Carbon Layup Room

The carbon layup room, where it does all comes back together. The idea of separate areas is to keep the layup room clean and dust free so we can ensure the carbon we lay up on your bike is free of contamination. Both areas have dust extraction. Most of our final repairs are done in prepreg carbon fibre.

Carbon Ovens

This picture is our carbon ovens. The oven on the right is used most often, in fact the big old one is gone!. We usually bake prepreg carbon at under 80 degrees Celsius for about 8 hours. This is at a low temp so we don't melt any of the resins and glues that bond your frame together, most of these soften once heated much over this temp. This oven is equipped with both vacuum and low pressure compressed air. This is so we can vacuum bag your frame, whilst also having a custom bladder manufactured onsite inflated on the inside of the frame. Who else can offer this?

Di2 Eletronics Area

The bench in this picture is where we do the Di2 cabling and wire modifications. We also have our internal cameras set up here, which help immensely when threading cables into tricky frames or checking for internal damage.
Any final assembly work is done here, of course we prefer your LBS does the stripping and reassembly.

Paint Mixing Room

Where Matt mixes his mad mixes….
All the crazy pearls and candies are sorted here, we try to keep it neat but paint tends to spread itself around particularly when the creative juices are flowing .
We only use PPG premium products so you get a premium job. The only exception to this is fluro colours and some of the candies and effect colours, these we use SEM, DNA and House of Colour.

Decal Printer Cutter

Heath’s domain, our Roland decal printer/cutter enables us to create the great decals and stencils we use, this baby is worth about 20K, then of course you need someone who knows how to do the design work to use it too! Note the custom Zipp decals, we can make all sorts of custom decals, we do them for wheels, Garmins, bike shops, tri clubs even my kids school has had custom stickers made.