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At Paint My Bike we specialise in repairing your high end pride and joy. You can either send your bike directly to us or we can arrange to have it picked up from pretty much any bike shop or business address in Australia. Check out our freight info.  Also if you are local in Brisbane you can send it to us via courier very inexpensively.  Please remember our quotes do not include disassembly or reassembly, this can be provided at an extra cost by our in house mechanic. Please also note, shipping is not included in your quote.

Please check out our pricing info on the quote request and pricing guide page.  You should be able to get pretty close to the correct price for most jobs.  Once you are ready to send us your frame please print off the order form on the quote request page have a read of the term and conditions, fill it out and sent to us with your bike.

Check out the pictures of our workshop at the bottom of this page, I think you will agree, it is about the best equipped carbon bicycle frame repair/paint shop around. 

Please also check out our online store, we have a few unusual items in there for frame repair and protection, we shall also include some heavy duty polishes soon, for when your want to really clean up your frame.

Once we have repaired your bike please feel free to send us in some pics and we shall put them up in our owners gallery.  If you want to see our latest work keep on eye on our Facebook page as we update that more often, there is also a link at the bottom of this page.

To say that I am very pleased with the quality and finish of the new paintwork on my steel framed Colnago if feel is an understatement.

I admit I am quite fussy when it comes to some of my possessions such as my bikes.

In addition to the quality paint finish achieved, I must thank you for putting up with all the phone calls, emails and visits to your shop.


Bruce Haines

Colnago – Master Piu – Steel Gilco tubed frame

I would highly recommend Paint My Bike to anyone who wishes to return their bike to pristine condition. I recently had my bike in to get some paint and lacquer damage fixed. When I got the frame back it looked like new. Simply superb.

I also got some custom work done on my cranks. The manufacturer’s markings were removed to leave a nice clean set of carbon cranks.

I’ll be sending some more work their way in the near future without hesitation.

  Chris Pryor

Hi Matt and Gary,

We are very happy with the results it looks it has never been damaged.

A perfect job and thank you for this, I will recommend other people to contact you when something happened with their Bike.





Hello Gary and Matt

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the repair job that you did on my Merida evo team Scultura broken rear stay last week.

I am very happy with the quality of the repair, and I rode the Ipswich 100km ride on Sunday with no problems.

The turn around time was also very impressive.

Thanks, and I have already referred a friend who may contact you in a day or so.


Richard Schuster



Hi Guys,

Just received my frame.

Looks absolutely fantastic. Could not have hoped for a better outcome. Going to put on club forum with before & after pics to try & drum up some business for you guys.

Thanks heaps, & especially for the communication from you guys throughout.

  Colin Streit
Morpeth NSW

Hey guys... just wanted to thank you guys... the bike arrived the very next day after sent... absolutely blown away with the results.

The decals have been buried beautifully, I cant even feel a bump when I run my finger over the edges. Love the colour... the graphite is nice and dark with just a very subtle hint of the blue. Couldnt be more pleased!

Got it put together and took to racing on Saturday and a group ride this morning and have had heaps of comments. Even went to put a chain protector sticker on and realised you already had.
So thanks again... feels like I have a new bike and am really impressed with your service and quality work.


Rob Bainbridge



My name is Lou Gordon and I am from Toowoomba Qld. The guy at “Paint My Bike” not only fix a crack that I had in my Bottechia frame but they also modified it for Di2 gearing. The job was done in only a matter of a couple of weeks and the it was superb. The communication skills from these guys was fantastic and I could not be happier with the result. Thanks again “Paint My Bike”


Lou Gordon



When my bike shop found a crack in the rear drop out on my 2010 Trek 5.5 Madone I thought my world had ended… The bike I loved like a brother was broken and I didn’t know how I was ever going to replace it as it cost a fortune to buy…. A friend told me to look “Paint my Bike” up and well… my faith in humanity was returned…. Not only was my bike repaired to as new condition, it was done affordably & I could also afford to get a custom paint job as well… I now own THE only Red & Black 5.5… I’d recommend “Paint my Bike” to anyone whether it’s a repair, re-paint or custom paint job, I know Matt & Gary will look after you.

  Dave Guyatt

At the end of our very successful 2010 season where we won the USA, Australian and Oceania season long series, logging more than 100 race wins in the process I had a problem with the state of our Team bikes.  Using the premium De Rosa bikes in a MATT paint work left the bikes after a long season looking less than 'premium'.

With all of the frame sets unbroken I turned to the expertise at Paint My Bike to breathe value back into the 50 De Rosa team bikes.  Not all bikes were repainted but around 25 were and when the Team at Paint My Bike had finished their work, they were like new again.


Christopher White CEO

V Australia pro cycling team
Social Media
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Below left is the finished area.  All these bike are finished ready to be returned to their owners.  The picture on the right is of our spray booths; this is where the great paint work is applied.  We invested heavily here so we could get the best finishes possible and easily put through the 80-100 frames we currently do per month.

Below is our paint prep bay.  This is where we do the prep work and the detail work like multi colour stripes, decals and airbrushing.  Matt and Damian are the guys who do this fantastic work and they are in the picture.  On the right is our combination spray booth baking oven.  Note it is clean - always be suspicious of a spray booth that is a mess, that usually means they have no pride in their work. 

This is our carbon repair booth.  On the left is our carbon repair room where all the sanding and grinding is done.  On the right is out carbon layup room.  The idea of separate areas is to keep the layup room clean and dust free so we can ensure the carbon we lay up on your bike is free of contamination.  Both areas have dust extraction.  More than 90% of our repairs are done in prepreg carbon fibre.  We usually only do wet layups to match cosmetic top layers.

The picture below left are our carbon ovens.   The oven on the right is used most often.  We usually bake prepreg carbon at under 80 degrees Celsius for 6-8 hours.  This is at a low temp so we don't melt any of the resins and glues that bond your frame together.  Most of these soften once heated much over this temp. The oven on the left can go much higher and we would usually only use this for over flow or if we need to cure something at higher temps, like when we make a new section of frame or there is no risk of melting other components.   The bench in this picture is where we do the Di2 cabling.  It has a foam surface so we don't scratch your frame, we also have our internal cameras set up here. 

The picture on the right is our Di2 electronics area which is were we do modifications for internal batteries and modify wiring harness's as required. 

Here is our paint mixing room, note we only use PPG premium products so you get a premium job.  The only exception to this is fluro colours and we use SEM of House of Colour.  Right is our Roland decal printer/cutter which enables us to create the great decals and stencils we use.  Of course you need someone who knows how to use it too!  Note the custom Zipp decals, we can make all sorts of custom wheel decals BUT one off decal sets cost about $300 fitted.  If you want original it is cheaper to buy them genuine, it is simply cheaper to make 200 sets than one custom set.