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Always striving to exceed

our customers EXPECTATIONS

Paint my bike was started because of our passion for cycling and demands from our fellow riders! Because of this and our top quality work Paint my Bike has become Australia’s premier bicycle repairer.

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Want to upgrade your frame

to the current model

This one the only difference between year models was the graphics, he wanted the new look we provided it.

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Katy Perry loved her one off

custom bicycle from

No matter who your customer is Paint my Bike can paint to your design or come up with something truly unique, truly first class. Try our design service and see how it will look before it is painted.

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You don’t have to be Pro

to want the PRO LOOK

Although plenty of Pro’s come to us for their or their sponsors custom look, we can even put your business logo or full business art onto your frame layout

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When it just has to match

we can make your
Design FLY

Pretty much any artwork can be achieved

We can upgrade your frame to be Di2 Specific making it look like it left the factory as a Di2 frame. We can install a genuine Shimano battery for a Dura Ace 9070 or an Ultegra. Here is some info on what you actually need to get to do the conversion. These batteries are not only lighter and smaller than the original item but they also last longer.

You can see here the battery and the external cable running up the down tube, how much better and cleaner does it look on the right. Note the cable guides have been removed the holes repaired and paint made like new again.





Again looks so clean, the cable entry into the frame looks like it was always ment to be there, that is what we can do make you frame look like it left the factory with intergrated Di2.