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Always striving to exceed

our customers EXPECTATIONS

Paint my bike was started because of our passion for cycling and demands from our fellow riders! Because of this and our top quality work Paint my Bike has become Australia’s premier bicycle repairer.

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Want to upgrade your frame

to the current model

This one the only difference between year models was the graphics, he wanted the new look we provided it.

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Katy Perry loved her one off

custom bicycle from

No matter who your customer is Paint my Bike can paint to your design or come up with something truly unique, truly first class. Try our design service and see how it will look before it is painted.

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You don’t have to be Pro

to want the PRO LOOK

Although plenty of Pro’s come to us for their or their sponsors custom look, we can even put your business logo or full business art onto your frame layout

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When it just has to match

we can make your
Design FLY

Pretty much any artwork can be achieved

Other Repairs

We can repair most things that go wrong on a bicycle frame, so don’t throw it out until you ask!
To name a few;

Rivnuts – we have a comprehensive list of rivnuts, steel, alloy low flange, high flange. If you want to see the styles we have most are in our store. So whether it is for a biddon cage holder or a cable guide we can sort it.


Cable stops – We can refit your cable stop if it has let go or we can refit one of ours. Check the store.

Cable stop

Internal cable stops – we also carry a range of internal, yes check the store again, so we can sort yours or even make your top tube brake cable internal.

internal cable stop

Front Mech hangers – We have a range of these, but we can usually refit yours if it comes off. We have a huge bag of tricks to sort issues with front mech hangers. So even if someone else says it can’t be done, check with us first!

front mech hanger

Bonding issues – several brands of frames have various issues. Lots of TT bikes in the quest for aero have less than perfect designs. We can sort all these types of repairs out.

frame bonding

Stainless dropout inserts, we do so many of these, we have got our own made, see the pic below we then custom shape them to your frame. So if your wheel is not sitting straight or you have a worn carbon dropout or even if you have lost the original one we can sort it.

stainless dropout inserts
Stainless dropout insets fitted

Steel and Alloy frames

With cracks in aluminum and steel frames, we sublet the welding repairs as a service to our customers, we do not warrant other peoples welding. We can put you in touch with people to weld your frame, we can even arrange it, we do not offer any warranty on welding repairs.

Major Dents in alloy frames, we can repair just about anything as seen below.